Some Pics From The Tall Sheep EP Release Show

This past May 5th, my band Tall Sheep played a show at Cafe du Nord in SF to celebrate the release of our new EP, Of Birds In Propellers. Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony and Taxes were nice enough to play with us. It was a great show! Our good friend Kate McKinley took some pictures. Thanks Kate!

Personnel: Brad Harbidge (drums); me (bass and guitar); Laura Dean (guitar and vocals); Jeremy Anderson (keys). Brad also played on the recording, which we did at the wonderful Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. I love playing with Brad!

TallSheepEP-2013050507 TallSheepEP-2013050501 TallSheepEP-2013050502 TallSheepEP-2013050503 TallSheepEP-2013050504 TallSheepEP-2013050505 TallSheepEP-2013050506 TallSheepEP-2013050508