Homebrew Harmony: The Oblique Blues Scale

Lately I've been interested in scales that contain clusters of half-steps. Obviously, the Minor Blues scale (A C D E♭ E G) is a well-known member of that family, but many others are possible. For example, I call this one the Oblique Blues scale, because its blue note sneaks up on you:

A B C D E F G♭

Perhaps it has an older name, but to me it's Oblique Blues. As you can see, it's just like A minor except that its 7th is diminished (G♭); you can also think of it as C major with a diminished 5th (G♭). The cluster of half-steps is E F G♭.

Tweaking that one note generates some really interesting chords:

Am: A C E
Am (diminished 7): A C E G♭
Bo: B D F
Bø7: B D F A
C (♭5): C E G♭
Cmaj7 (♭5): C E G♭ B

Dm: D F A
Dm7: D F A C
E (dim 3): E G♭ B
E7 (dim 3): E G♭ B D

F: F A C
Fmaj7: F A C E
G♭(aug 3): G♭ B D
G♭maj7 (aug 3): G♭ B D F