Recommended Listening: Biscuits By Living Colour

Living Colour was and is a challenging, ground-breaking rock band. They take a lot of musical and stylistic risks, and almost never miss. Their masterpiece, Time’s Up, is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, but today I recommend the Japanese import of Biscuits, an EP they released in the Time’s Up era. (Be sure to get the Japanese import; the US release is wonderful but the Japanese version has 9 more tracks.)

A treasure trove of B-sides, covers, and live tracks, Biscuits documents this limit-ignoring, virtuosic, and soulful band in one of their most creative phases. Living Colour always expand the harmonic and melodic possibilities available in rock music, and listening to their live tracks you can hear them spontaneously invent something new and beautiful again and again.

There are some great Living Colour originals on Biscuits. Highlights for me are the insane guitar and drum duet/breakdown in “Money Talks”, and the live version of “Information Overload” which will bend your ear. Here is an excerpt of the “Wintermute going insane” guitar intro:

Living Colour has always done great covers, and Biscuits has some true gems, like Pere Ubu’s “Final Solution” and an incredible rip on Talking Heads’ “Memories Can’t Wait”. None of the covers are mere remakes; Living Colour always shows a new dimension to an old song, and always renews a sense of wonder about what music can make possible. My favorite cover from Biscuits is Al Green’s “Love and Happiness”, because vocalist Corey Glover opens all the way up and does the song true justice:

As David Letterman said, “If this song don’t drop ya, then yer not hooked up right.”

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