Recommended Listening: Good Music Lately

In no particular order, here is some music I have enjoyed lately. If you like it too, buy it!

There's Talk: "The Salt" single, from the forthcoming Tiny Strands EP. Intense and stunning. You won't know what happened, exactly, but you'll feel it.

Shannon Curtis: Cinemascope. Electro-pop love songs. Highlights: the touching "When the Lights Go Down", "Keep Swimming".

Deerhoof: Milk Man. Lyrical themes: milk, bananas, strawberries, white-knuckled terror. Every song is a Casey Kasem-approved hit, but the instrumentals are especially nice to have. Highlights: "Milk Man", "Desapareceré", "C".

Kodacrome: "Strike the Gold" single. Chill synth-pop that takes an unexpected turn.

Blotted Science: The Machinations of Dementia and The Animation of Entomology. Technical instrumental metal, thankfully without vocals. Not surprisingly, metal is an ideal context for serialism.

Go Van Gogh: Now We Know. Eclectic mix of fun jams from local shirt-maker Walkershaw Man.

Built for the Sea: Built for the Sea. Featuring Lia Rose on vocals. A particularly well-recorded album. Highlights: "My Dear", "Paper Tigers".

Shudder to Think: Live From Home. One of my favorite art?-rock? bands reconvened for an excellent live recording. Squalls of noise-melody and uncountable meters delivered with songy aplomb. Highlights: Every minute.