A Favorite Pedal: Psilocybe Phaser

I think I’ll try to start blogging some sound samples of some of my favorite guitar effects pedals. Randomly, I’ll start with the HomeBrew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser.

Home Brew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser
Home Brew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser

It’s a bit more versatile — the Shift 1 and Shift 2 switches change the speed and EQ significantly — but it never gets off-the-rails chewy like the classic MXR Phase 90. I mostly use its gentle sweep but it can get Univibe-like (if the Univibe were insane) if you crank the Regen and Speed all the way. Here are some sound samples!

I recorded this with the neck pickup of my Strat in single-coil mode, straight into a speaker emulator:

This is with the Strat bridge pickup in single-coil mode, into the Strymon El Capistan doing nothing but emulating a spring reverb, and my Precision bass with the Black Ice (passive fuzz) turned on:

Finally, this is with the bridge pickup in single-coil mode, with the Strymon doing a little echo as well as spring reverb:

I’ll probably write about the El Capistan next. It is a gem for sure.