TrustyCon Recap And Video

Last Thursday we had a great time at TrustyCon, the trustworthy alternative to the RSA Conference. Many thanks are due to the conference sponsors and organizers: iSEC Partners, EFF, and DEFCON. My old iSEC boss Alex Stamos, and lots of EFF employees, put in a lot of volunteer hours to make the conference a success. Thank you!

I really like single-track conferences. Everyone has a shared experience, and there is much less of the “lobby-con” or “bar-con” phenomenon, which I don’t enjoy much. This only works if all the talks are good, and at TrustyCon they sure were. My favorite was Ed Felten’s talk that closed out the day. Annalee Newitz has a good write-up of it on io9.

The entire conference is on YouTube. My talk, co-presented with Dan Boneh, starts at about 4:33:00 — yes, 4 hours 33 minutes; the entire conference is 1 long video. The sound cuts out at the beginning but then it comes back quickly, don’t worry. Boneh’s topic, cryptographic software obfuscation, should amuse and disturb you equally. :)