Aftermaths by Kodacrome

I’ve been longing for a full-length release from Kodacrome ever since their too-short Perla EP. The combination of Elissa’s cool and collected vocals with her and Ryan’s clean and warm production is golden. Aftermaths is understated, moody, chill, electronic pop with just enough surprising head-turns. The record is minimal yet full-sounding; the minimalism serves to clarify the musical ideas and showcase the excellent production, rather than being an affectation to hide behind.

I haven’t listened to the digital release yet, but the vinyl version really rewards high volume. The record is so spare, but you find yourself swimming in it. Awesome.

Every song in Aftermaths is a solid hit, but for me particular high points are the spooky “Buggy Bumper”, the beautiful vocal melody in “Strike The Gold”, the harmony lesson in “Panama”, and the dramatic sound design in “Solitary And Elect”. The wonderful video singles are “Immaculada” and “Strike The Gold”.

Buy everything by Kodacrome on Bandcamp, and enjoy their YouTube channel!