Thoughts On Borderlands Closing

My heart breaks to read that the beautiful Borderlands bookstore on Valencia St. is closing.

Tweets about Borderlands closing.

I love(d) to buy my Iain M. Banks and Octavia Butler books there, and to go to the io9 meetups at the Borderlands coffee shop. I love(d) Alan’s beautiful polished wood floors and hand-built wood bookshelves. I loved Ripley the cat.

It sounds like they are not closing the coffee shop, so I will still love to go there. But, sigh.

By their account, Borderlands must close for a combination of reasons:

I was unpleasantly enlightened by this interesting essay on why Amazon’s low-margin strategy is not self-defeating. Essentially, Amazon Walmarted Borderlands in the process of Walmarting their mutual suppliers.

I still believe that the increases in the minimum wage in San Francisco make sense. Borderlands faces a combination of adverse circumstances; the wages alone don’t appear to be the problem. For example, although they didn’t mention it specifically, I can’t imagine a retail lease on Valencia St. is at all cheap.

A sad day for Borderlands, and for San Francisco.