#Superfish Round-Up

On the 18th, my colleague Adrienne Porter Felt tweeted that Lenovo was shipping ad-injector software, which she heard of from Facebook engineering director Mike Shaver. This incensed and interested me, so I finished my tasty dinner and headed to Best Buy. I bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 after verifying that the floor model did indeed have the Superfish root certificate. (Not all models did.)

When I got home, I started tweeting my observations of Superfish in action, using the hashtag #superfish. I did not do the best or most analysis, but I think I got the ball rolling. People more intelligent and industrious than I am have posted great work.

This is a giant collection of links to tweets, technical analyses, and news articles about Superfish.

For what it’s worth, the Yoga 2 is very nice hardware, and Windows 8.1 seems like it would be a nice OS without all the crapware installed. (There’s more than just Superfish on there. Yikes.)

Superfish And Komodia Background

Detection, Analysis, And Tools:

Clean Up

Press And PR