Episode 72 Of The Code Newbie Podcast

Saron Yitbarek interviewed me for the Code Newbie podcast (local copy) 2 weekends ago, and she published it this past Monday. The Code Newbie community is “the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code”. I was fortunate to have a group of friends to learn from and with when I was a newbie, and I’ve found that when I lacked such a community, my progress faltered.

While you’re there, do check out some of the previous episodes. By listening, we in the technology community — which you may have noticed is skewed white and male — can learn a lot about what we’re building, and for whom, and why. We won’t really be living in the future until everyone is.

Saron has done a great job curating and documenting these stories. I have not yet listened to all the episodes, but I do plan to. (I can listen to at least 1.5 per day, on my commute!)

In this episode I talk about how I got into software, and security specifically, and about how I think the fields are still so new that none of us entirely know what we’re doing. That’s especially true for security and privacy, goals that are not always even clearly defined — let alone achieved. I think there is still an openness in the field; it’s very much the the case that a code newbie can arrive and make a significant contribution.