Building A Telecaster

Last week, I built a Telecaster guitar from scratch, under the excellent tutelage of luthier Meredith Coloma, in Vancouver. It was an exciting and at times harrowing adventure! We spent 7 rather exhausting but rewarding days in Meredith’s shop. Meredith is a fantastic luthier but also a great teacher! And she went above and beyond the call of duty several times for me, so I feel super lucky!

I have built many guitars and basses (all the ones I play regularly) from CNC-milled, pre-fab parts (thanks, Warmoth!), but I had never before built a guitar from scratch — just chunks of wood. Meredith offers classes in guitar building, so I signed up!

It was really stressful to be a total newbie. I had never used most of the tools Meredith taught me to use, and I was very afraid of wrecking the wood. But now I know at least 1 thing about instrument building, and I’m already planning my next instrument. :)

Here’s a sound sample:

Here are some pictures: