Pictures From Paris And Amsterdam

This July I went to Paris and Amsterdam for a bit of work and a bit of vacation. In Amsterdam, I presented at a workshop for security engineers and academics, and in Paris my manager and I met up with friendly Chrome people there who do work adjacent to ours.

I didn’t do anything but the workshop/conference in Amsterdam, unfortunately. I’ve loved Amsterdam in the past and should have scheduled more time there. It’s a chill town.

In Paris, I mostly walked around and ate food in neighborhoods I hadn’t visited in previous trips. Here are some pictures!

(You can get full-size versions of each picture by clicking on the picture.)

Outbound airplane food #1
I was very fortunate, and got to fly business class. Entrée: raw salmon with herbs, some kind of pâté, bread, salad, wine.
Outbound airplane food #2
Main plate: chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese.
Outbound airplane foor #3
Dessert: confection squares, mint tea.
Outbound airplne food #4
Breakfast: omelette, bacon, potatoes, coffee, yogurt, fruit.
plate: “I’m Feeling Lucky”
The Google Paris office entrance.
overpacked brasserie
I arrived on the Sunday that France won the World Cup. Every brasserie, bistro, bar, and coffee shop was over-full of people eyeing the TV.
waffle pop-up store
Down the street from my hotel. I swore I’d get one, but literally forgot!
View of
a bistro
While I was eating dinner a relatively less-animated pizza place, the post-World Cup celebration was heating up. And the weather was incredibly hot. Not pictured: people laying on the hood of a taxi while it drove backwards down this 1-way street; person dancing on top of a dumpster.
The hotel breakfast was the same every day, and very bad. The texture of the scrambled eggs was unholy, and the beans were always cold. Good bread though.
Down the street from my hotel, this fantastic pâtisserie. I got at least 1 thing here every day, until they closed for vacation.
Google campus courtyard
Many doors on Paris streets open into courtyards and building complexes like this. The Google office ‘campus’.
ourdoor pathway
The entrance to my hotel.
Philosophy and psychoanalysis books in a bookstore
Interesting-looking bookstore, but closed for vacation.
traffic in a traffic circle
A nice vibe in the evening.
A sign
on a door saying « Défense d’uriner »
At Gare du Nord, this sign (“No urinating”) has been ignored.
Gare du Nord
Inside Gare du Nord, waiting for my train to Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Centraal station
Arrived at Amsterdam Centraal station, going in circles trying to find the tram to my hotel. It was marginally less burningly hot in Amsterdam.
View of
a highway and a river
View from my hotel room in Amsterdam.
and Muziekgebouw
View from outside my hotel.
of a traffic light Walk button
Instructions on how to push the Walk button in Amsterdam.
Classic-style « Métropolitain » sign at a Métro station
Back in Paris, riding on the Métroooooo.
Paris traffic
More Paris traffic.
lutherie shops at street level, below apartments
Every building in this neighborhood had at least 1 lutherie shop, piano store, or sheet music store.
Restaurant: O’Crêpe
...they’re closed.
community library cubby
Nice to see they have community libraries in Paris, too!
Moulin Rouge theater
Le Moulin Rouge.
breakfast of hot chocolate, orange juice, and a croissant
A proper breakfast snack.
graffiti sticker: « C’est le bon endroit et c’est le bon moment
“This is the right place, and the right time.” But they don’t say for what. 🤔
Brasserie lunch
Fantastic ham sandwich on perfect toast, with perfect fries.
alerting pâtisserie customers that they are closing for
When the pâtisserie closed for vacation, it was a sad day.
A logo
on the wall of a building: sp ligature
I just like this shape.
sign: P, with a bicycle. Graffiti makes it say « Paix »
Peace through bicycles.
shop named Braun Notes
A coffee shop. 🤨
Jules: « Le hot dog à la français ! »
I did not try French hot dogs.
View of
the Seine
The river Seine.
On the bank of the Seine.
Placard: « 1643 : Demeure de Philippe de Champaigne, Peintre et valet de
chambre de la Reine Mère »
Placard on the front of one of the entrances.
Cappuccino and croissant
Fantastic coffee on the other side of the Seine.
More pastry pictures.
art of a protester wearing a helmet and other gear
Street art near the jazz venue that I literally could not find, presumably nestled in among roughly 9,246 tiny restaurants.
Hamburger and fries
Extremely well-crafted yet completely incorrect hamburger. Strangely tall and steak-like.
Storefront: « Les Productions du GOLEM »
I was not able to see the golem, or its productions. Alas.
Storefront: « Plus de Bruit »
“More Noise”, buying and selling records, CDs, and comic books.
caramel ice cream
Ice cream in Montmartre. A suggestion from one of our colleagues. This place also had great beer, which we chugged as appropriate in that heat.
Sunset in Montmartre.
Restaurant « Blabla »
Restaurant: Banh Mi & You
I mean...
Electric motor scooter, chrome
This electric scooter was right outside a shop selling more in different colors.
lunch with prosciutto
The sauce on this pasta (underneath the prosciutto) was perfect.
A large
caffè latte
This is what I got when I ordered a cappuccino. It was good though.
in a pocket bread
Chicken, excellent fries, and soda.
of Athena
Athena doing a victory dance.
Eiffel Tower, from afar
The Eiffel Tower, on an unreasonably hot and humid day.
the Musée d’Orsay
Inside the Musée d’Orsay, a museum built inside a former train station.
impressionist painting by Paul Signac, « Femmes au puits
These paintings were lit to glow, but I think they would have even without the light treatment.
Pierrot Pornographe »
A program from the Black Cat Theater.
of a program
Another program cover.
A long
shot of the interior of the Musée d’Orsay
Sculptures in the Musée d’Orsay.
Restaurant: « L’Epée de blé »
Good bread is a big deal.
Sign on
a building: « Spectre »
Technically, the reason I was there.
buds from trees on the ground after rain
It finally rained, and the heat broke. The ground was covered in these buds.
and charcuterie plates
Cheese and charcuterie, with a colleague who sits next to me in SF but who was (unknown to me) in Paris, and a friendly Parisian whom I know from security industry stuff. At a hipster beer place suggested by another security friend on Twitter. Everything was v tasty.
sign: « Place Henri Bergson »
Henri Bergson.
graffiti of a smoker, in an alcove where smokers hang
Walking to l’Arc de triomphe.
monsieur and fries
A slightly strange but tasty croque monsieur.
de triomphe
Long shot of the Arch.
with cheese and prosciutto
For some reason, I ate a lot of prosciutto on this trip. This was dinner on my last evening before coming home.