Photo of Chris Palmer by Kate
Photo by Kate McKinley.

Hi, I’m Chris. I love music, software, books, and Sunday evenings on the couch, noodling on the guitar while watching Netflix. I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2001, which means in only 50 short years the local reactionaries will accept that I am a legitimate resident.

I work at Google as a software security engineer on Chrome, where I work on hardening Chrome’s underpinnings and securing the web platform runtime. (I was previously on the Secure UX sub-team, and before that I did Web PKI... things.) I used to be on the Android team at Google. Previously, I was the Technology Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a security engineering consultant at iSEC Partners (now NCC Group), and a web developer. Majoring in linguistics and in French literature prepared me well for these jobs, weirdly.

I’ve played in a bunch of bands and have played on other people’s records too.

I’ve also played with other bands, including Boshuda and Birthing Of Millions. (I’m not on that recording, but you should buy it anyway.)