Photo of Chris.
Photo by Kate McKinley.

Hi, I’m Chris. I love music, software, books, and Sunday evenings on the couch, noodling on the guitar while watching Netflix. I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2001.

I work at Google as a software security engineer on Chrome, where I work on hardening Chrome’s underpinnings and securing the web platform runtime. (I was previously on the Secure UX sub-team, and before that I did Web PKI... things.) I used to be on the Android team at Google. Previously, I was the Technology Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a Principal Security Consultant at iSEC Partners (now NCC Group), and a web developer at a couple small shops. Doing linguistics and French literature in university prepared me well for these jobs, weirdly.

I’ve recorded some electronic music:

Cover of *Time 1* by Noncombatant
Noncombatant: Time 1(sequencer)
Cover of *Object.lifetime* by Noncombatant
Noncombatant: Object.lifetime (sequencer)

I’ve also played guitar and bass in some bands:

Cover of *Of Birds In Propellers* by Tall Sheep
Tall Sheep: Of Birds In Propellers (bass, guitar)
Cover of *Hella Telenovela* by Dot Punto.
Dot Punto.: Hella Telenovela (guitar, voice)

Rara Replica: Feral Heart (guitar)

Dot Punto.: Agua Viva (guitar, voice)

Dot Punto.: Histórica (guitar, voice)