Effect Pedal Ideas

VOL+ Outboarder

VOL+: volume + tone control; or “volt”, since it also has a clean boost. The idea with this pedal is to move the guitar’s built-in controls outboard, so that players can control volume and tone with their feet while picking (hard even on a Strat; nearly impossible on most guitars).

A drawing of a hybrid
effects pedal with both normal switches and knobs and a treadle pedal to replace
either the Volume or Tone knob.
The Vol+.
knob controls the volume, unless the T/V switch is in V position, in which case the treadle’s pot controls the volume.
knob controls the tone, unless the T/V switch is in T position, in which case the treadle’s pot controls the tone.
knob controls the amount of clean boost (when it is engaged with the Boost switch in the treadle).
is a rotary selector switch that selects between a pre-determined set of caps for the Tone control and an appropriate treble bleed capacitor. There should be a set of options for a variety of pickup types, including basses. There should also be an option for just a tone cap, but without treble bleed.
switch selects which control the treadle’s pot controls: Tone or Volume.
switch turns the unit on or off.
switch turns the clean boost on or off.

For the T/V and Bypass switches, I really like these switches with integrated LED rings!

Volume Pedal With Treble Bleed

Volume pedal with a treadle as usual, but also with a rotary switch to select between various treble bleed capacitors (and off/no treble bleed).

Volume/Tone Pedal

Volume pedal with switch for volume vs. tone; rotary switch for which capacitor (also functions as treble bleed capacitor, if that can work). (Maybe different banks of capacitors are selected the pedal is in Volume vs. Tone mode, if that is necessary.)

Selectable-Control Treadle Pedals

General idea: treadle pedals of any kind, with several controls (e.g. Volume/Drive/Tone, Level/Rate/Depth, et c.), and a switch to select which parameter the pedal controls. (The other parameters would continue to be controlled by their knobs.) Then people could change a parameter in real time with their foot. (I often want to do this with distortion and phaser, for example.)

The switch could be a second footswitch, and multiple taps might allow the player to cycle through which parameter is controlled by the treadle.

Treadle Pedal Form Factor

Maybe what we need is a treadle pedal mechanism and enclosure as easy to get as the usual 1590B/et c., and then people can come up with whatever ideas.

You can get a Crybaby-like kit, but that isn’t quite what I’m thinking. I’m imagining a smaller treadle/shorter foot, with something like a 1590B or similar on the side.