Reading Log

Programming Rust

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  • Definitely already assumes you know at least 1 other programming language and how to write software — this is not a first language book or appropriate for a beginner. That is OK, given Rust’s niche and (mostly necessary) complexity. (Still, I can imagine the language having a Gc someday, and perhaps an additional prelude, to make it more inviting for beginners. A tangent...)
  • Overall very nicely done, and covers some different stuff than The Rust Programming Language. I have read both and got value from having read both, and recommend that if you have time.
  • If you only have time to read 1 Rust book cover-to-cover, make it this one — although RPL is a very close second and you’ll be well off if you read it instead.
  • The book binding is not as fancy as O’Reilly books of old — it’s not holding up as well as did my Camel Book in decades long past. Alas. Some typos, and sometimes code is formatted in a strangely small font.